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Changing Dimensions, LLC
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Sport Nutrition Seminars
Are you training for a sporting event? or Do you have a group that you would like to receive a professional presentation on Eating to Train Too?  My nutrition seminars are designed to fit your sport of interest.  The presentation(s) last about 30-40 minutes with time for questions at the end.  If you sign up for private consultation immediately after the presentation, I will give a $10 discount to the 90 minute session or a $5 discount for the 45 minute session.

$ 150 for one 90 minutes - up to 15 people
$15/person  16 - 20 people 
If you are a not-for-profit organization - please call for information on a free seminar
Changing Dimensions Services
At Changing Dimensions, I take care to provide my customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. I am professional, courteous and efficient.  I accept cash, checks, credit cards.
Private Consultations
One on One consultations.  Meet at a place comfortable to you - your office, local park, nearby coffee shop, eatery, or library study rooms.  Do you want a consult with a friend or your significant other?

$115 / up to 90 minutes         $85 / up to 45 minutes   (Individual rates)

$145 / up to 90 minutes  (couples rate)
Grocery Guidance
Have you just had consultation for Diabetes or Obesity?  Now you have to change your eating habits, count carbohydrates, and choose healthier options. Plus you just received a headache full of information and tips.  I can help.  Call for an appointment to have guidance while you are shopping for the new you!  Have instant explanations and guidance on how to buy foods for your new eating habits, and get helpful hints on how to prepare healthier meals.

$115 / grocery trip (up to 90 minutes)

Do you want to have a group?
$40/person up to 3-5 people
$20/person of 6 to 10 (group rate)
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