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Changing Dimensions, LLC
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Georgianna Broadwell 
About Changing Dimensions
This company was launched in 2008 when I moved back to Georgia.  Now residing in Savannah it is time to grow and expand.  The primary purpose of Changing Dimensions is to work with athletes of all levels.  ANYONE who trains to participate in a sporting event is an athlete in my book and deserves experienced nutrition guidance.  Sports nutrition is not only for elite athletes!  

Another aspect of the company is helping people improve their health through healthy eating habits, exercise and lifestyle changes.  Best of all I am mobile and can meet you where you feel most comfortable or if you have video capabilities - just schedule an online video consultation. 

Hi! I am Georgianna, BKA Georg. 
 I have been involved in nutrition and sports since the mid 1980's.  I am a Registered Dietitian specializing in sports and wellness. 

Since sports and cooking have always been a part of my life I decided to make these aspects my career.  Changing Dimensions is my dream and I can help you achieve your goals.  

I have worked with athletes of all levels from professional and elite to everyday enthusiasts.  Involvement spanning the spectrum of sports; runners, body builders, tri-athletes, dancers, soccer players, racquetball players, retired pro-footballers, etc. and people just wanting to improve their health.  

Client confidentiality is always important and very well respected.
Committed to helping my customers achieve their dreams
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