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Changing Dimensions, LLC
 Call 912-503-8532

I wanted to let you know that I offer the best services in  Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, and other Healthy Lifestyle factors.  You get special one-on-one attention and have the option of participating in group sessions.  My focus is about improving health by helping you set goals to fit your lifestyle. 

​There are no specialty products or gimmicks that are sale pitched.

I am really looking forward to working with you. 

Located in Savannah, Ga
Including online access for consultations.
My Favorite Recipe:
The One & Only, Unique & Healthy YOU!!!!
1 - Phone
1 - Calendar
1 - Pen/Pencil
A pinch of Determination
A dash of Dedication
2-3 Goals
1 - big Smile!

Place calendar & pencil on desk in front of you.  Pick up your phone & call 912-272-6463 or fill in the form below to request an appointment.   

Come to your appointment with your 2-3 goals in mind, a pinch of determination to make changes to your lifestyle, a dash of dedication to see yourself through to become a new healthy, in charge, less stressed individual!

End each session with a great big smile!  Repeat!!! :)